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When ordering low-cost scratch cards throughout the United Kingdom. All scratch card printing prices that exclude delivery.

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Scratch card printing at great prices for next day delivery to Wales.

To calculate an accurate price for your scratch cards will need to know

What type of game - promotion the scratch cards are being use as

A. A simple win or lose message. - (cheapest option)
If the scratch card is for a simple win or lose message. We will need to know number of cards say win and what number say lose.

B. A promotional voucher code - i.e. scratch off for a code.
If the card contains a password or code we will need to k ow how many of these you want to issue.

C. A multi option game - for example match the amounts.
If the scratch card is for a multi option game. We will need to know the how many losing combinations you require and how many winning combinations.  Note if you have only one losing combination the scratcher may think the game is unfair if the scratch more than one card.

Please impart this information in the comments for an accurate price. The prices shown are for option A a win or lose game with one comination of each..

If you are looking for competitive low-cost full colour printing prices use our 10 to 15 day printing service.

The prices below are for 4 option scratch cards.

100 x 50mm Scratch Cards - Credit Card Size - Standard Service Two Sides

Full colour two sided scratch cards, printed onto 240 gsm board.

10 to 15 day printing prices based on supplied artwork.

3 to 5 day print service 10 to 15 day print prices.
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Competitive low-cost full colour printing prices on either a fast 9 to 10 day print service, or a 10 to 15 day print service.

148 x 70mm Scratch Cards Two Sides

Full colour two sided scratch cards, printed onto 240 gsm board.

9 to 10 day printing prices based on supplied artwork.


3 to 5 day print service 9 to 10 day print prices.

fsc printers 300gsm

How to upload PDF artwork for your printed scratch calling cards or commission our designers.

If you click on a price that relates to the quantity and service that you require, this will start our secure online ordering system. Then you will be able to select the type of artwork service that you require.

scratch card printing Supplied artwork. A free artwork checks will be carried out.
Basic artwork.
Our designers will create basic artwork from your supplied text and images.
Design and artwork.
Let our creative design team design you effective professional looking artwork for your scratch cards.

Please consult our artwork guidelines, prior to supplying PDF artwork.

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Free letterhead artwork proofing and client area.

We include a free artwork checks to ensure that your supplied PDF will be okay for printing. When you place your first order you will be granted access to your own client area that will allow you to monitor your job, download invoices and view artwork proofs. You will also be able to buy future print work, clothing and signs with a 5% loyalty discount.
To send your PDF artwork or to send an artwork brief to our creative team you can e-mail files up to 10 mega bytes. Alternatively you can use our file transfer server.

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